Music as Structure for the Inspiration

The structure of this painting, L'Onda (Wave) is musical: a grid, bars and movement through the structure. It was inspired by something in the air when I was in Nice, France and had the incredible fortune of seeing an exhibit of Matisse's paintings from Tahiti.

Colors to this grid are like notes to music. The color triads modulate up the grid and through the measures like chords, representative of changing light and form of the image emerging within the grid. Likewise, the combination of gold and silver moves through the grid and measures like a melody. This structure was the foundation of many paintings and commissions because the inspiration of the patron or client could came alive in a stylized representation.

For example, the inspiration for the triptych below was from looking down as I walked in the shallow water of the bay. The minnows were dashing about, the sunlight glinting off their backs as they headed to and fro the rocks.

This structure was the basis for a variety of images, ranging from abstract to loosely stylized representations of landscapes with little towns clustered below the hills.  The paintings in the background of the photo below -- a stylized meadow that ran through three panels, each about 36"x72", were inspired by an image of a tree in the gallery's collection. This installation inspired a patron of the resort to commission a residential piece. The structure provides the foundation, and the inspiration of the patron brings the painting to life.


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