In Spring 2020 over Easter weekend, I had a show scheduled with a couple of other artists. INTO THE LIGHT, at the Stables Gallery in Taos, New Mexico. We had to cancel it due to the COVID outbreak, so I created an online, "walk-through" virtual exhibit of the show. When the woman saw in real life Cranes of Peace, which she had purchased from the exhibit, she said that it was even better in person. At that time I was also doing a fundraiser for the Navajo Nation or Doctors Without Borders, so the sale was a three-way success.

Due to the lack of exhibition opportunities this last year in Taos, the Taos Fall Arts Festival decided to offer a Spring 2021 Virtual Exhibition. We expected maybe 50 artists to submit two pieces of work, but were amazed when 100 artists submitted work for a total of about 200 works of art. This was a rather overwhelming project given the way artists submitted their images and information, coupled with a fire in the building in France that houses the cloud servers. 90% finished and eager to complete the exhibit, I reconstructed about half of the exhibition with 100 images and data before all the site was totally restored. Another challenge was to make the work purchasable over the 30-day period of the exhibition (to add 200 images to the TFAF website shop was simply too much work for such a short period of time).

There are hundreds of virtual exhibitions online, and they're very easy to negotiate if you simply click around or read the instructions. If you're on a phone or tablet, once you select "open in app, the show comes right up, as it automatically does on a computer. It's as easy as hitting play on a video or walking the feet around.

Here is the link to the show: TFAF SPRING 2021 VIRTUAL EXHIBITION and the on the Taos Fall Arts home page with the link and information, TaosFallArtsFest.

And a few screen shots taken with my phone of my pieces in the show It's cool how you can click on the image to get larger views -- even fill the page -- and the information. Of course, you can see these images right here on my website:



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