1 – Collecting art is all about what grabs your attention, what moves you. So forget the rules: it's not unlikely that the artist learned the “rules” and threw them out the window anyway.

2 – Go with your heart and your gut and what moves you. Forget what you think might be the next big thing or expectations of an increase in value. Buy what you love.

3 – Go big! Large pieces of art make a statement and are easy to place. Hanging a lot of small pieces can be like figuring out a complicated puzzle.

4 – To save money on framing, choose paintings on canvas or cradled panels. You won't have to frame them (although you could, if you wanted to). You can also avoid the glass in framing with oil or acrylic paintings or any medium that has been varnished or waxed to protect the image.

5 – Hang art so that it is "embraceable" (eye level, which may seem a little low at first). Use good quality hardware to hang the work, substantial enough to handle the weight of the art.

6 – If you want to frame the art, use an experienced, quality framer. They often know what works well and can work with you, your taste and your budget.

7 – Get to know the artist! Meet the artist, check out the CV, read the biography. Artists love to meet collectors whether in person, on the phone or online. So don't be shy: get in touch.

8 – If you see it, like it and want it, buy it! If it's your favorite, you would be sad if someone beat you to it, so don't hesitate.

9 – Save the documentation – receipts, certificates of authenticity, gallery labels, etc.

10 – Don't be afraid to see an artist's work in different media, styles or palettes. There is usually a unifying thread, but not always. Thinking, creative artists are bound to evolve over time and work with different themes and media. Think Picasso, Agnes Martin, Diebenkorn or Louise Bourgeois, for example.

11 – Matching your couch or your décor is not important. Contemporary art is about what speaks to you, what creates an emotion in you. Combining styles – like combining modern art and antiques – creates contrast and interest. So, just go for it.

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