Brooks Institute of Photography and Film, Santa Barbara, CA

University of California at Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA, B.A.


2017 Artist in Residence, Barcelona, Spain

2016 Artist in Residence, Aude, France

2015 Artist in Residence, JIWAR, Barcelona, Spain

2014 Artist in Residence, Arte Studio Ginestrelli, Assisi, Italy

2014 Artist in Residence, A.I.R. Vallauris, Vallauris, France

2014 Artist in Residence, OBRAS Portugal, Evoramonte, Portugal


Solo Shows / Invitational Exhibitions

2020 What is Love?, invitational exhibit, Studio 107B, Taos

2019 Palimpsest, solo show, Magpie Gallery, Taos, NM

2018 To Bee or Not to Be, Studio 107B, Taos, NM

2018 Women Make Art, Studio 107B, Taos, NM

1994 Sculpture at Bareiss, 1994 invitational exhibit, Bareiss Gallery, Taos, NM

1992 Infinite Landscape invitational exhibit, Stables Gallery, Taos, NM

1992 Sculpture invitational exhibit, Stables Gallery, Taos NM

Juried Exhibitions

2016 "Climate Change," juried show, Artworks Downtown, San Rafael, CA

2015 "Light," International Festival Documentario Storico Archeologico Amatoriale

2015, Perugia, Italy. Sixth place jury award for "Trees of Ginestrelle"

2015 "Light," International Festival Documentario Storico Archeologico Amatoriale 2015, Perugia, Italy. Sixth place jury award for Trees of Ginestrelle.

2014 "Tree Cloud," solo exhibition, OBRAS Portugal, Evoramonte, Portugal

2012 “South Bay Focus,” juried show, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA

2012 “CA101, Interpreting Life along the Pacific Coast,” Redondo Beach, CA

2011 “Art of the Surf I” juried show, psZask Gallery, Rolling Hills, CA

1993 “Taos Spring Arts” juried show, Civic Center, Taos, NM

1993 “Voyeur” A Show of the Erotic”, Rod Goebel Gallery, Taos, NM

1991 “Taos Spring Arts” juried show, Civic Center, Taos, NM

1990 “Taos Today, Taos Fall Arts Festival” juried exhibition, Civic Center, Taos, NM

1979 “Mythic Masks” solo exhibition, Clay & Fiber Gallery, Taos, NM

Group Exhibitions

2021 "Spring 2021 Virtual Exhibition,"

2019 Taos Fall Arts Festival, "Of Heaven and Earth / Del Cielo y De La Tierra," Taos, NM

2018 Taos Fall Arts Festival, “Beyond the Horizon / Más Allá del Horizonte,” Taos, NM

2017 "Taos Open," Fall Arts Festival, Taos, NM

2016 “Nostalgia,” group show, Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts, Los Angeles, CA

2016 “Double Vision,” group show, Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts, Los Angeles, CA

2015 Members Exhibition, Artworks Downtown, San Rafael, CA

2015 30 Year Retrospective of Printing at Graphic Impressions, Taos, NM

2014 International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Gallerie Le Logge, Assisi, Italy

2014 2014 Group Exhibition, Galerie Aqui Siam Ben, Vallauris France

2012 "Imagine, No Boundaries," group show, Cannery Row Studios, Redondo Beach, CA

2012 ”Open Media,” juried show, Palos Verdes Art Center , Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

2011 “Power of Art; Meet Me at the Power Plant,” Redondo Beach, CA

1996 “Photographs” in collaboration with Margaret Nes, Edith Lambert Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

1993 “Monothon” and Exhibit, with ArtVentures gallery, at College of Santa Fe, NM

1992 “Monothon” and Exhibit, with ArtVentures gallery, at College of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM

1991 Art Expo (Joanne Chapelle / Editions Limited), New York, NY

1990 “Taos Today, Taos Fall Arts Festival” juried exhibition, Civic Center, Taos, NM

1990 Group Show, Courtyard Collection Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1989 Art Expo (Fidelity Fine Arts), Los Angeles, CA

1989 Art Expo (Fidelity Fine Arts), New York, NY

1988 Group Show, Toluca Lake Galleries, Burbank, CA

1988 Art Expo (Fidelity Fine Arts and Toluca Lake Galleries), Los Angeles, CA

1987 Art Expo (DesignArt), Los Angeles, CA

1979 Mujeres de Taos, Taos Art Assocition, Taos, NM

1979 Four Independent Artists, Old Taos Armory, Taos, NM



Embassy Suites, Portland, OR / Caesar’s Lake Tahoe, S. Lake Tahoe, NV / The Sahara, Las Vegas, NV / Westin Maui Resort, Maui, HI / Wailea Resort, Hawaii / San Francisco Hilton Hotel, San Francisco, CA / Alaska Hilton, Anchorage, AK Marriott Beverly Heritage Hotel, Costa Mesa, CA / Taj Majal Hotel, Las Vegas, NV / Las Vegas Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

Corporate & Business

San Diego University, San Diego, CA / Quad Galleries, Pewaukee, WI / AT&T, San Ramon, CA / Touchstone Films, Los Angeles, CA / NBC Studios, Burbank, CA / Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad, City of Industry, CA and Albuquerque, NM / First Interstate Bank, Oakland, CA / Home Savings Bank of America, FL / Tampa Airport, Tampa, FL / Pete Marwick & Associates, Los Angeles, CA/ Mellon McMahon, San Francisco, CA / CBS Television, “Dallas” grand finale


University of California Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA / Kaiser on Sunset, Los Angeles, CA / Kaiser Permanente, San Dimas, CA / Kaiser Hospital, Montebello, CA

Selected Private Collections

N. Pede, Taos, NM / S. Lerner, Taos, NM / P. Lowery, Walnut Creek, CA / N. Cooper, Marina Del Rey, CA / J. Neumeyer, Panzano, Italy and Redondo Beach, CA / Mr. & Mrs. T. Del Ruth, Bend OR / R. Garcia, Pacific Palisades, CA / E. Escalante, Burbank, CA / Mr. & Mrs. M. Golitzinsky, Montreal, Canada / C. Coar, Roanoke, VA / M. Barlow, Manhattan Beach, CA / M. Salmon, Lafayette, CA / J. Zaylor, Manhattan Beach, CA / Mr. & Mrs. R. Rothschild, San Pedro, CA / M. Spletter, Oakland, CA / M. Williams, Redondo Beach, CA / Mr. & Mrs. P. Johnson, Taos, NM / M, Nes & B. Aldo, Taos, NM / Dorsey & Whiteney, Minneapolis, MN / F. Takeyama, San Diego, CA / Stern Neubauer, Santa Monica, CA / M. Langer, MD, Los Angeles, CA / L. Shuman, Chicago, IL / M. Neubauer, Los Angeles, CA / S. Williams, San Diego, CA / E. Surden, North Caldwell, NJ / Dr. & Mrs. J. Abber, Los Angeles, CA / T. Rhode, Chicago, IL / G. Kusic, Warren, NJ / J. Hendershot, Los Angeles, CA / R. Halpern, N. Miami Beach, FL / R. Cunningham, Littleton, MA / Mr. & Mrs. D. Cowan, Stuart, FL / Dr. & Mrs. A. Garcia, Santa Fe, NM / D. Aitken, Redondo Beach, CA / L. Crowl, Taos, NM / Dr. R. Bell, Santa Fe, NM / R. Aguilera, Los Angeles, CA / A. Darakjian & P. Clarke, Redondo Beach, CA


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2010 Easy Reader Photo Contest, Honorable Mention, Hermosa Beach, CA

2006 Walkin’ on Water (Learning to Surf with Surfer Joe III), film released on DVD, 2006

2002 Learning to Surf with Surfer Joe I and II, film released on DVD, 2002

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Taos Center for the Arts, Taos, NM

Magpie Gallery, El Prado/Taos, NM

Wilder Nightingale Gallery, Taos, NM

Artworks San Rafael, California, Member

Redondo Beach Art Group, California, Member

ArtVentures, Santa Fe, NM, gallery artist

Joanne Chapelle Gallery, San Francisco, gallery artist

Fidelity Fine Arts, Los Angeles, CA, gallery artist

DesignArt, Los Angeles, CA, gallery artist

Toluca Lake Gallery, Toluca Lake, CA, gallery artist


Taos Fall Arts Festival, Taos, NM Board Member & Director of Advertising and Marketing

UCLA Extension, Los Angeles, CA, Instructor, “Cinematography as an Expressive Medium”

Rod Goebel Gallery, Taos, NM, Director