For me, art is expression of the artist's life and evolution. It is most interesting when the art reflects the artist's vision, philosophy and discoveries over time. I am a searcher. I like to look into the surface of what I see and to consider it from different perspectives, attempting to discover something new, or something beyond, in the process.

Working in series, I want to see motion or an evolution of my subject; to depict it in different ways or see it transform. My work evolves as one piece inspires another, and it often bridges the representational world with the amorphous world of space. In a sense, the work is both infinite landscape and infinite space, as the work draws you in beyond the image and into experience.

I have a particular affinity with the ocean, earth and sky expressed in paintings, prints and photographs. Trees are often the intermediary joining heaven and earth, suggesting the infinite, circular process of creation and destruction, evolution and devolution, as day revolves into night and new life sprouts in the roots of dying trees. I hope to express the eternal, creative cycle and often accent the images with an enso, a spiral or infinity shape, or a portal through which to enter a world of color and texture.

The process of making of art is an internal conversation and process of discovery. When I feel the piece is finished, I want the viewer to enter a journey of discovery of one's own – to a place, a meditation or feeling – or to see the world through my eyes. My connection with the ocean, the horizon and sky is readily apparent in my work: Diving below the surface; gazing beyond the horizon and up into space; delving into the dark and toward the light compose much of my visual lexicon. In Taos, the sky is my ocean and the clouds my waves.