L'Onda (Wave)' abstract wave triptych, greens, blues, gold, white, silver

L'Onda (Wave) (31.25"x110" framed)

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Watercolor and metallic gouache on kozo rice paper, triptych, floated on linen, framed. 31.35x110"

As a the wave approaches shore, the water becomes increasingly shallow. The bottom reflects more light up through the wave, and the water become brighter as it dances to shore.

The structure of this painting is musical. The color triads modulate through the grids like musical chords moving up and down the scale.

Somehow, this painting was inspired years ago by something in the Matisse in Tahiti in Nice, France. This structure of a musical measure provides the framework, and the painting comes to life like notes with the stylized image moving through the piece.