Palimpsest II, oil on Arches 100% rag oil paper, 30"x22".

Life of a Tree: Palimpsest II, 2019 (30"x22")

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Palimpsest II

Oil on Arches 100% rag Oil Paper. Framed.

As parchment is erased and overwritten, so this painting has been painted over and scribed again. The original was painted in 2015; as a written story can change, so does a painting as a palimpsest.

The inspiration for the Palimpsest pieces is based on my search for optimism in the context of the environment at risk. New life begins in the land unseen, the terra incognita. For the the enso (or circle) represents the creative and regenerative energy of the universe. These pieces are a visual representation of palimpsest wherein nature erases and rewrites upon the earth.